Happy New Year!

As we get ready to usher out 2013 and welcome 2014, many activities are in the works.  There will be a “Wild and Crazy” New Year’s Eve dance…Chili dinner…pancake supper…to name a few.  Be sure to check out the calendar.  Also, please note that this month’s issue is in 3 parts: Bubbles, Calendar, Recipes.  To view one of those posts, just hold your cursor over the word and click.

May everyone be blessed with good health, loving family, wonderful times in the coming year!

Fountain East is waiting for you

This is the earliest we have ever been down here before.  Coffee and donuts last Saturday was very quiet…much like in April. Slowly but surely, many of the winter residents will begin returning.  There are lots of plans for when everyone arrives.  The weather is holding at a wonderful 80+.

Band Jam Correction

I am sorry to say that I misunderstood about the Band Jam and said that you could bring your instruments and join in.  This is not the case, but it is a time when a group of musicians get together to play while others can listen, enjoy, dance if they wish.  Please forgive the error in the Bubbles.

October Calendar

For some reason, some of the calendar did not transfer, but please be aware that at this time there still is a card game on all Monday nights.  Next month the calendar should be a separate sheet.   Enjoy the October Bubbles!!!!

October Bubbles

Here it is, not even the middle of September, and the October Bubbles has been “put to bed.”  Lots of things happening in the next few months as winter activities begin.  There will hardly be time for an afternoon nap!!!

55+ park

It was called to my attention that a former resident sent emails to current residents stating that FE was going to be turned into a “family park.”  The ownership would like to assure all residents that this is not true.  Fountain East will remain a 55+ park.

Middle of August

Summer is nearly done.  Can you believe it???  Many of us are already checking our calendars and making our return plans to FE.  We will be there by the middle of October.

The September Bubbles has gone to the publisher.  With a tiny mistake.  Not one that should bother you but a mistake nevertheless.  It has to do with the calendar and a notice about the computer club being on hiatus until October.  Darn!  Forgot to delete the times in the calendar to coincide with the notice.

You will be notified in a couple of weeks when the September issue has been posted to this site.